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Kurnool Slipping Out Of Hands, Pawan Warns Jagan

Over the weeks, Kurnool town has become the epicentre of a rapidly spreading local cluster of Coronavirus cases. Now, all sections of people and political leaders are alarmed. What more, the Telangana police in the bordering villages of their state are asking their residents not to go to Kurnool for medical treatment. They are asking Telangana villagers not to go to any town in Andhra considering the rising infections in the neighbouring state. Amid this, Jana Sena party local leaders and also senior Seema activist Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy wrote to Pawan Kalyan about the serious situation in Kurnool district.

Promptly responding, Senani sent a wake-up tweet to CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s Government. If the Government does not take action adequate measures, the Kurnool situation may slip of out hands, Pawan warned.

This is not to blame the Government. But it is a fact that the Kurnool situation is alarming. Pawan recalled that nearly 203 positive cases were reported so far in Kurnool district and five persons had died already unable to fight the virus.

Senani asked the Government to realise how bad the situation is in Kurnool and send special teams to implement focused action plans to give confidence to the people. Pawan said his party was not interested in finding faults in virus response but would only ask for preventive steps on a war footing.





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