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KTR Also Admired Vijay Devarakonda Thought

For an actor, the awards are like appreciations and boost up their self-confidence. They will also be the beautiful memories. Though they don't care about some small awards they will definitely store the most prestigious awards. The first ever award will be very special for any actor. But young hero Vijay Devarakonda thought in a different style.

Vijay Devarakonda got a Filmfare for outstanding performance in Arjun Reddy movie. While talking about it, he stated that after coming into the industry, he has been doing the profession he loves the most, he succeeded in giving an own house for his parents, gained the craze and the love of so many fans and now he got a Filmfare as a bonus. He stated that rather than having it on the shelf of his house, I thought that it would be more useful to the city.  

He is planning to sell the award in an auction and is willing to give the money he got from the auction to Chief Minister's Relief Fund. He also added that he doesn't know how this works out but is just stating his opinion. KTR also admired Vijay Devarakonda thought




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