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Kondas Daughter In To Next Elections

TRS leader Konda Surekha's new request is kicking up a storm in TRS circuits as the former minister wants her daughter to be in election fray in the general elections 2019. Konda Surekha and her husband and MLC Konda Murali are expecting a ticket to their daughter Dr Susmitha Patel in the next elections.

Susmitha is a doctor by profession and plunged into active politics. Susmitha had played a key role in the victory of her mother Surekha in 2014 elections from Warangal East Assembly Constituency. 

Recognizing her daughter's leadership quality, Konda couple requested KCR to give a chance to contest from Bhupalpalli Assembly segment. Susmitha already launched campaign and created her own group in the constituency. This is irking KCR as Bhupalpalli constituency is presently represented by Assembly Speaker S Madhusudhana Chary who is close aide of KCR since the inception of TRS in 2002.

Konda couple recently expressed to TV channels that "people" are "willing" to see their daughter as MLA. What's more? It is buzzed that Konda couple threatened to quit the TRS if their daughter is denied party ticket. They also informed KCR that Congress is ready to allot party ticket to Surekha and Susmitha at their choice. 

Alerted Speaker also taken up counter rallies against Susmitha and also embarked on " Palle Nidra " to reach the masses. Leaders said KCR  assured Konda couple his party will provide opportunity Susmitha to contest election but did not commit to field from his close aide Madhusudhana chary's constituency. A clarity on the allotment of ticket will come only after election notification issued. Until then,  the suspense will continue.




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