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Kollywood Actress Shanaya Katwe Arrested After Killing Her Own Brother, Chopped Body Found

Young Kannada starlet Shanaya Katwe has been arrested for the alleged murder of her brother, Rakesh Katwe. The gruesome details of the case has sent shockwaves in the Kannada film industry. Rakesh Katwe's decapitated head was found in the Devaragudihal forest area, while the rest of his body was disposed in Gadgad Road and others areas of Hubbali recently. The police found the mutilated parts and was on the look out for the murderers. Shanaya Katwe was arrested on April 22, 2021 after they discovered the links.

Some extremely disturbing details have emerged from the scenario. The four suspects who allegedly did the act are Niyazahemed Katigar (21), Tousif Channapur (21), Altaf Mulla (24), and Aman Giraniwale (19). It seems Shanaya Katwe and Niyazahemed were in a relationship. Rakesh Katwe did not approve of the relationship. This made the sister and her lover plot his murder. Katigar is said to be the mastermind behind the murder.

Shanaya Katwe had visited Hubballi to promote an upcoming project. The murder took place on the same day. It seems they first strangulated Rakesh to death and kept the body at home. A day later, Katigar and his friends chopped the body and dumped the mutilated parts in and around the city. Rakesh Katwe was just 32.


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