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Khushi’s Glamour in Effortless Style

Khushi's Glamour in Effortless Style

Jahnvi Kapoor sister Khushi Kapoor has been making waves with her recent Netflix release, “The Archies,” where she effortlessly steals the spotlight.

Not only is she captivating audiences on the streaming platform, but she’s also turning up the heat in recent magazine photoshoots that have recently hit the stands.One notable appearance is on the cover page of the December edition of Cosmopolitan, where Khushi Kapoor exudes glamour and confidence.

Styled in a variety of ensembles, she manages to stun with her mesmerizing eye looks and a captivating attitude. Whether adorned in a chic mini dress or more elaborate ensembles, Khushi Kapoor effortlessly rocks every look, showcasing her versatility and flair
for fashion. Her presence in the entertainment and fashion scenes continues to make a lasting impact, solidifying her status as a rising star to watch.

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