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KGF2 First Look-More Goosebumps

KGF chapter one dealt with a young man keeping his promise to his dying mother and his dangerous quest with many twists towards power and wealth. KGF was a sensation for its making, narration
and Yash made it more interesting and gripping althrough.

There were many goosbump moments in KGF, including the one where Rocky beheads Garuda triggering a new beginning for the slaves in KGF.

Rocky Bhai is back again with the first look of Chapter two, giving more goosebumps this time. The poster shows Rocky joining the army of people from gold fields in work and the line reads 'Rebuilding the empire'.

True to it, Rocky will be building his empire again and this time he will be locking horns with the 'Adheera' himself and the suspense will be cleared on why Rocky is given death warrant by the prime minister Ramika Sen.

Sanjay Dutt is playing the very powerful Adheera in KGF 2.




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