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KCR Strict Orders Are The Reason For Kathi And Swamy Banning

Whilst Kathi Mahesh's derogatory comments against Lord Rama, Goddess Sita continue to kick up the storm and igniting debate between communities and he was banned from Hyderabad as precautionary measures to avoid any communal clash, the police extern of the famous Seer Paripoornanda Swamy to Andhra Pradesh has shocked many. Although Paripoornanda wanted to do a peaceful protests against Kathi's demeaning comments against Hindu Gods, he was house-arrested and later packed off to AP on flareup fears.

Although KCR is very much fond of Paripoornanda Swamy and his sayings, he had to act strict when it comes to avoid the communal clashes in the city. KCR said to have directed police bosses to act strict against the communal clashes and asked them to take stern measures. Only based on KCR's strict orders, cops said to have sent Pairpoornanda away from Hyderabad to avoid any untoward incidents.

Meanwhile, a special Cell is constituted by the Telangana state government for 'Media Watch' to monitor the programs of the TV channels, news papers and media houses. As per the government's order, if any channel or paper or media house is found to have crossed the line pertaining to religious aspects or communal aspects, strict action is said to be taken against them.

Even media houses will soon be informed about the fresh guidelines over their telecasts and advised not to conduct debates/heated discussions provoking the communities given that the issue is highly sensitive.




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