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KCR Keeps Calm On Daughters Demand

The demand for the expulsion of TRS leader and Rajya Sabha MP D Srinivas from the ruling party has stirred a big political storm in Telangana. 

KCR's daughter Kavitha with the support of Nizamabad leaders forwarded a four page letter seeking the removal of Srinivas from the party for anti party activities.

Amidst the strong talk of action against the leader, KCR chose to maintain strategic silence in the issue for the last few days. It is expected the TRS Chief will shunt out Srinivas after his Vijayawada visit. But, no decision was taken.

Soon after Kavitha lodged complaint, Srinivas tried in vain to meet KCR. The CM did not give appointment on the pretext of busy schedule. The TRS leader said KCR is not ready to take action against Srinivas in the present political circumstances. Considering the strong support maintained by former APCC Chief from his Kapu community, the CM is hesitating to respond to his daughter's demand. 

It was not known that KCR was pending his decisions on such cases. Earlier, Kavitha also demanded the expulsion of TRS MLC Bhupati Reddy but no action was taken till date.




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