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KCR Dream Will Not See The Light Of Day

KCR who will be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi today will also be making use of the opportunity to be meeting the heads of some regional parties SP, BSP, NCP and Left Parties to examine the feasibility of an anti-Congress/BJP federal front.

He has already met Mamata Banerjee and Karunanidhi and Stalin apart from Akhilesh Yadav, in this regard.

KCR also extended support to Janata Dal (s) in Karnataka. But contrary to expectations, JDS formed the government in Karnataka with Congress support and Mamata Banerjee has made it absolutely clear that any front against the BJP should compulsorily include the Congress.

Similarly, Mayawati’s BSP MLA in Karnataka is part of the government and Akhilesh Yadav is also banking on Congress’ support in Uttar Pradesh.

These are big names and all of them are inclined to Congress which makes one wonder whether KCR’s third front will ever become a reality.

It increasingly appears as if KCR is just doing PR work for the BJP and actin as their agent by trying to stitch together, a coalition that will eat into the anti-incumbency against the BJP




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