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Katrinas Company Is Hazardous To Health Says Sonakshi

Bollywood beauties are known for their unbound love for each other and at the same time catfights are common between them. Meanwhile, voluptuous beauty Sonakshi Sinha surprised all by saying killer beauty Katrina Kaif's company is hazardous to health. 

It is known that Salman Khan along with the other cast and crew are currently delighting fans and movie lovers with DaBangg tour across USA and Canada. Salman along with other hotties Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sonakshi Sinha are driving everyone crazy by performing live on stage for the Dabang hits.

Sonakshi shared a video in which she is seen doing workouts along with Katrina Kaif. Sonakshi who couldn't match up the energy levels of Katrina Kaif, is seen screaming for help and she later captioned the video, saying Katrina's company is hazardous to health.




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