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Kathi Thrown Out Of Hyderabad

Kathi Mahesh has been banned from Hyderabad for allegedly creating a law & order problem. Task Force Police arrested the critic upon serving him a notice and dropped him outside the city limits. An order has been passed by the Hyderabad Police that Kathi Mahesh can't enter into the city without their consent. 

The comments made by Kathi Mahesh on Lord Rama and Ramayan stirred a huge controversy. Cases were booked against him in various police stations. Religious Leaders and Hindu Organisations demanded for social boycott of the critic for hurting the sentiments. Subsequently, Police decided to send Kathi Mahesh out of Hyderabad to avoid untoward incidents. This is for the first time such a tough measure has been taken by the police department in the recent years.

Sri Peetam seer Paripoornanada Swamy announced Dharmagraha Yatra demanding stringent action against Kathi Mahesh. Hyderabad Police has house arrested him to prevent law & order situation. Followers of Swamy has been heading towards his Jubilee Hills residence upon knowing about the house arrest. 




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