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Kathi Revoked On Twitter Using Renudesai

As usually, controversial critic Kathi Mahesh posted some D grade stuff on his social media platform and thus tried to gain the attention of netizens. Moreover, he is said to deliberately tried to divert people's attention towards another issue.

As we know, Kathi was arrested for his filthy language on lord Sri Rama and goddess Seetha Devi. In the wake of Mega Brother Nagababu's appeal to Telugu CMs and to get people's attention diverted from his arrest, Kathi forcibly dragged Renu Desai's issue on his Twitter page. His intention is to provoke Power Star Pawan Kalyan's fans so that they would abuse him on social media platforms again.

Janasena party's key leaders, however, are advising Pawan Kalyan's fans on social media platforms and Whatsapp groups not to respond on Kathi's cheap posts. It's learnt that most of the fans of Power Star took the advice to hearts and are not reacting Kathi's cheap posts.




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