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Kathi Mahesh Reacts On Sanjana Anne Comments

Miss Hyderabad Sanjana Anne accused Bigg Boss of scripting her ouster from the reality show to make way for Actress Nandini Rai. What does the most controversial personality feels about Bigg Boss 2 and allegations made by Sanjana?

Kathi Mahesh opined: 'For Season 1, Actual competition began only in the 3rd or 4th week. This time, Competition began immediately as two contestants were sentenced to prison in the first week itself. Instead of trying to be like a family, It has come to the stage of divisions, cat fights and clashes. Negativity has definitely increased in Season 2. Entry of commoners raised the stakes of the game and hence there is more competition'.

Regarding the allegation of Sanjana, The Critic went on to say Bigg Boss can only nominate but elimination is in the hands of people.

Sanjana complains Nandini Rai entered Bigg Boss on the same day she was eliminated and hence she has got her own doubts. This argument doesn't make any sense at all. Even during Season 1, Jyothi faced elimination by the end of Week 1. One among 16 Contestants has to exit & public preferred Sanjana because of her attitude




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