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Kathi Addresses Nagababu As Mr.Insignificant

Addressing Naga Babu as Mr. Insignificant, Mahesh Kathi blasted the mega brother in a warning tone saying that if Naga Babu continues the same he has to be ready for his downfall. Further, Mahesh Kathi added that he would reveal a lot about his cine and political life. For the uninitiated, Naga Babu took offense to Mahesh Kathi’s terrible comments on Lord Sri Rama for calling the Lord, a cheater. He warned Mahesh Kathi of facing dire consequences if he continued the same strategic attack on Hinduism hurting the sentiments of the Hindus. Naga Babu called the controversial critic as ‘Neechudu’ which means brute. Mahesh Kathi responded on the same and attacked Naga Babu in a threatening manner. He threatened that Naga Babu’s life will be exposed eventually and that would lead to destruction. Though it was a short message, Mahesh Kathi’s threatening tone is quite alarming. Let’s see if Naga Babu responds on this, even.





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