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Kasthuri Is Back After Being Mother Showing Her Body In Rain

Senior actress is Kasthuri is away from the movies for a while from now and returning with an item song in the upcoming Tamil movie ‘Tamiz Padam 2’. She is seen sizzling in the rain looking very sexy and tempting. A troll shamed Kasthuri for showing off her body even after turning mother. He asked, “Is it right to do an item number after being a responsible mother?” Kasthuri didn’t keep quiet and shamed the troll as a retort. She questioned if looking sexy the opposite of motherly or brainy or virtuous. “Do you ask a male actor why he acts in drinking scenes, dances in sexy songs and romance sequences after having kids?” She further added that she is hell-bent on changing the typical Tamil mindset. The actress did a special song in 2010 ‘Tamiz Padam’, the prequel to the upcoming movie. Remember, Kasthuri made casting couch comments recently on one of the senior star heroes of Tollywood and she had been in news for wondering how TV channels were showing Sridevi’s songs after her demise and what would happen when Sunny Leone dies.






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