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Kasthuri Hurts Transgender

In the 18 MLAs disqualification case the judges were divided with one saying that the Assembly Speaker is right in his decision while the other took the opposite stand.  Reacting to this issue actress Kasthuri posted a tweet in which she had uploaded an image of two transgenders and comparing that to the judgement.  There was huge uproar among the netizens that she had hurt the sentiments of the third gender population.Kasthuri deleted the post and has explained that there is a type of comedy called standup which she employs and though it crosses the boundaries that is the essence of it.  She has added that these missives from her were meant to evoke laughter and is not a statment by her.   Kasthuri has asserted that she has realized that this is not the place for her brand of comedy and if she had hurt anyone's sentiments she renders her deeply felt apologies.






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