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Kangana Ranaut Slams Bollywood For ‘Fake’ And ‘Selective Activism’, Questions Their Silence On Faridabad Murder

Actress Kangana Ranaut slammed fellow Bollywood stars and accused them of undermining the cause of women's empowerment by remaining quiet about Nikita Toma's death.  “All of them should be put in jail for fake and selective activism, these filmy bimbos have caused huge damage to the cause of woman empowerment, why their mouths are sealed for Nikita who has been shot dead in broad daylight by a Jihadi….” she said in a tweet.

In response to a tweet featuring a series of Bollywood actors from Kalki Koechlin to Richa Chadha, Esha Gupta, Radhika Apte, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor and many others, this was said. The actress went up against the accused early on Wednesday morning and even went on to equate the victim to Rani LaxmiBai. She tweeted asking the Government of India to confer a bravery award on Nikita, "Nikita's bravery is no less than Rani LaxmiBai or Padmavati, jihadi killing was obsessed with her, he kept asking her to come with her if she wanted to live, she should have given in to his desire to die instead, Devi Nikita rose for the honour and pride of every Hindu woman."

According to reports, Mool Chand Tomar, Nikita's father, reported that the defendant, Touseef, had forced her to convert to Islam and marry him, but she refused. On Monday afternoon, outside her college in Ballabhgarh, where she had gone to take an exam, Nikita Tomar was shot dead. On a CCTV camera outside the college, the man who shot her was caught trying to drive her into a car. She was allegedly shot at point-blank range as she tried to rescue herself.


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