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Kamalhasan Counter To Rajinikanth

Kamal Haasan's sharp counter to Rajinikanth has added fuel to the ongoing debate in Tamil Nadu over Tuticorin incident. While Rajini's pro-police remarks have already invited huge flak from several corners, Kamal's fresh comments further escalated.

"Some anti-social elements have infiltrated among the protesting locals. It is their handiwork," Rajinikanth had commented after visiting Tuticorin victims in hospital. Rajini said police were not the first to attack and they had fired only after they were attacked.

Responding to Rajini's comments against Tuticorin protesters, emotional Kamal said, "If protesters are anti-social, so am I." These remarks of Kamal are drawing good applause. On contrary to Rajini's 'anti-people' and 'anti-protester' comments have not gone down well with many.

Despite the fact that Rajini enjoys mass image and is known as people's man given his past events, his fresh comments indicate that Rajini is slowly distancing from people. Many political analysts opine that Rajini's image would take a beating with his anti-people stand. 

While the mood of the people of Tamil Nadu is in favour of Tuticorin victims, Rajini going against populist mood is worrying his fans. Kamal's timely comments have also further embarrassed Rajini. People are demanding Rajini to retract his comments. 




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