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Kamal Liplock In Vishwaroopam2 Movie

Few things are done on camera on purpose for publicity and promotion. Even though when films don't require, few producers, directors and actors, tend to go that extra mile in doing som intimate scenes. 

Kamal Hasan is said to be one such actor, even though people think he is a legendary actor, they also say that he tries to push the limit, unnecessarily, to include intimate scenes like lip-locks in the film. 

He introduced the trend way back in 80's and family audience, mainly, conservative audience, do complain about it.

But the actor even at the age of 60, is happy to do such scenes and in Vishwaroopam-2, we can see that there is an intimate lip-lock scene and another intimate scene. 

The trailer hints at it and youth are mainly, talking about it while they are also in awe of action scenes too. 

Well, he might be including them for publicity or he might think they are necessary to depict a relationship but he did gain some promotion for his film




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