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Kalyanram Aged Look

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram who mostly has done mass and commercial entertainers is for the first time doing a class and romantic entertainer Naa Nuvve which is due for release tomorrow. Kalyan Ram is said to be in tensions just before release of the film.

It is heard that, Kalyan Ram is worried as he feels his aged look won’t suit for romantic subjects. Moreover director Jayendra Panchapakesan who is popular for shooting ads showed visuals brightly, but romantic tales need to carry the feel, freshness which seems to be missing in promotion videos. 

Though a different attempt, how far this age-bar romance between senior artists Kalyan Ram and Tamannaah Bhatia touches Telugu hearts is the only problem giving jitters to the Nandamuri hero who even shaved off his mustaches and beard to look young.

Furthermore, interest is lost on Naa Nuvve since it got postponed several times owing to various reasons. It is to be seen how movie buffs will receive the film!




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