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Kajal Love For Mangoes Is To The Limit Of Sky

Not many are aware that Kajal who gives sleepless nights with her slim structure is a lover of delicious food and goes to any extent to savor her favourite dishes. Sharing her favourite dishes, she said she loves Punjabi dishes. She informed that she loves Roti with Rajma chawal, panner makhani, kulcha. 

Kajal also loves and relishes the popular dishes in various places across the world. She added that none can stop her in Mumbai and if she comes to know about any tasty food, she will go in search of it down the lanes and bylanes. She will have even on roadside but gives importance to cleanliness. 

Kajal loves tea and can have tea any number of times. She takes eggs, toasts, mushrooms and leafy vegetable in the morning and in the afternoon she has roti, dal and veg curry. 

She revealed her love for mangoes saying if she gets she can have yearful of mangoes in just a single day. She loves even sweets, cakes and pastries but control herself and have only very few of them. She will have lots of water and at the sametime work in gym four days  and do yoga to keep herself fit.

Kajal says she does experiment in the kitchen and help her mother by preparing omlettes. Although she cannot prepare hard dishes, she does experiment with pulses, sprouts, kismiss, badam etc and her friends encourage by eating her dishes without any complaints. 




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