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Kajal Following The Path Of Nagma

By the end of the 90s, former heroine Nagma almost lost her stardom and is appearing only in some routine movies. And then, she took one daring decision which made her a sought-after queen for a while. And it looks like even Kajal wants to follow it.

Nagma appeared as a leading lady in her last Telugu movie in 1997 and later picked up 'Attha' kind of roles in 2002. Later she moved to Bhojpuri movies and has been part of a dozen movies. She became a queen there and the highest paid actress as well. It looks like Kajal also wants to emulate the same. 

Whenever a star hero or a big hero is not finding a heroine, then they are paying a bomb to Kajal to get her onboard. But that phase is also getting over now, as many young heroines are grabbing those offers. With only two Telugu films in hand, Kajal is now going to Punjabi industry to maker her debut. 

A born Punjabi, it will not be tough for Kajal to rock there, and one has to appreciate her for choosing a tinsel town up north to debut after nearly 14 years of acting career down south.




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