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Kadapa Jillalo Palegallu- Pawan Refers CM Jagan

Alleging that human rights are grossly violated in Rayalaseema region, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has took potshots at CM Jagan and his administration yet again. Pawan alleged that the Rayalaseema region has remain underdeveloped despite that several leaders from the region ruled the state. Pawan has quoted the book 'Kadapa Jillalo Palegallu' book published by Human Rights Department in 1996 and quoted that the book had mentioned about present CM Jagan Reddy in its 75th page.

Pawan alleged that the common people of Rayalaseema have suffered over the decades due to groupism, factionism and how various communities, castes have remained downtrodden. He said the backward castes and scheduled castes have remained underdeveloped. Pawan said the situations and violations of human rights in the region led to the people of this region migrating to other parts.

Stating that the situation has pained him and his heart is broken, Pawan said how youth from the region have met him during Porata Yatra and told him about their woes in the region. Pawan alleged that physical attacks on Dalits of this region have become rampant and yet Dalits are living in fear and not able to speak out of fear.




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