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JusticeForDisha- Nirbhayas Mother Reacted

The 2012's Nirbhaya case has remained unpunished and pretty much the same for many years until the court heard its verdict after 7 long years. Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi, who waited for so long, have gone through unimaginable pain as her daughter Nirbhaya got robbed of her precious life.

Now, with the recent vet doctor Disha's rape case in Hyderabad, Asha Devi urges that the perpetrators should be punished immediately and should not be given a long time like in her daughter's care. In a statement, Asha Devi said that what Telangana vet doctor went through was "barbaric".With Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao ordering fast track court for the trail, Asha Devi said that they should be given justice asap.

The Delhi government has recommended rejecting a mercy petition filed by one of the convicts in the 2012 gang rape case. Asha Devi said she welcomed the decision, and that she hoped the accused would be hanged soon. When Asha Devi spoke about Disha, the pain her eyes asks us do we progress towards civilization or do we fall back to barbarianism? Without immediate hanging of culprits or strongest verdict, another Nirbhaya might fall prey to such beasts' dirty deed.




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