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Jovial Conversation Among Legends SVR, Sivaji Ganesan, Savitri, Kannamba

Indian film industry is blessed with many legendary actors who mesmerized all with their stellar performances. South India has many legends and few of them are Svr, Sivaji Ganesan, Savitri and Kannamba.

During a Tamil film shooting in Madras, Sivaji Ganesan was ready with makeup to shoot for a scene. Svr too had come within minutes completing his makeup for the shoot. Shivaji at once got up and after taking his blessings remarked, "Rakshasuda.. ee okka sceneu naaku vadilipettu.'

Svr laughing out loudly showed towards his back and said, "atu choodaraa. brahmarakshasi vachchesindi. Maniddarini mingestundi". Savirti who entered heard it and laughed like brahmarakshasi. 

Sivaji acting as if he was scared said, "marem bhayam ledu.. adigo kalasaraswati vachchestondi' and showed senior actress Kannamba who just entered the spot.




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