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Jamili Elections Is A Ploy Of Centre To Hurt Regional Parties

In an interview to National Media on October 5th last year, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu claimed to be wishing to see Jamili Elections happen since long time. 'Right from the beginning, I am in favour of Jamili Elections. Lok Sabha, Assembly and Local Bodies Polls should happens simultaneously. This process must be completed within 6 to 9 months. Focus should be on governance and development for rest of the five years tenure. We could save time and curb corruption,' he said.

However, TDP now states it's not in favour of the simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls. MPs Thota Narasimhan and K Ravindra Kumar submitted a letter to the Law Commission of India in this regard.

TDP MPs termed Jamili Elections as a ploy of Centre to hurt the Regional Parties. They felt Election Expenditure can't be a parameter to conduct simultaneous polls. 

The stand of TDP Government keeps changing as per it's convenience. While Chandrababu favoured Jamili Elections while continuing alliance with BJP, He disapproved the Election Reform after ending the tie-up. 




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