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JamiaProtest-Students On Fire, Modi Calls For Peace

The violent protest that rocked Jamia Milia University in New Delhi last night got the attention of the whole nation. Students of the university have called for a sudden protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) or Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which the Parliament recently approved it.

In their protest, students said that this CAA is against the basic rights which the constitution provides. They also appealed to the states not to implement this.

But the Delhi police stepped into action and along with central forces, they have thronged into the university and thrashed students mercilessly who were protesting. Many got injured and 50 students were detained by the cops. In this clash, couple of police men too got injured.

In her first reaction, Jamia Milia University VC Najma Akhtar called for a high level enquiry into the clash and also said that the university will file lodge a complaint against the Delhi police for beating the students pitilessly. The VC informed the media that a lot of property within the university got damaged and questioned who will compensate for the loss?

Pictures and videos of Delhi Police and central forces brutality is widely being social media. One such video popped up wherein police drag a man and beat him up. Couple of girl students enter the scene and try to protect him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too responded on the issue but not before the media and like always using social media. "The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 was passed by both Houses of Parliament with overwhelming support. This is the time to maintain peace, unity and brotherhood. It is my appeal to everyone to stay away from any sort of rumour mongering and falsehoods," wrote Modi.

Meanwhile the Congress has demanded for a thorough probe into this episode. Gulam Nabi Azad questioned who gave the police the authority to enter the campus. "The police should have the permission of VC to enter the campus. But nothing as such happened," said Gulam Nabi.

On the other hand in solidarity of Jamia Milia, many universities across the country have staged a protest in their respective campuses and condemn the attack on students.




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