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Jamba Lakadi Pamba Bombs

1) Sammohanam: Sammohanam that dropped on week days has shown slight improvement during the weekend. However, collections of the film are not in tune with the word of mouth.

The film was expected to do better, but bad season effect has been taking a toll on its box office performance.  

2) Tik Tik Tik: Tamil dubbed film Tik Tik Tik grabbed the attention of film enthusiasts with its interesting premise. It is a space thriller starring Jayam Ravi in the lead role.

The film posted better collections compared to straight film Jamba Lakadi Pamba, but it has to maintain steady collections during week days to be a safe venture.

3) Jamba Lakadi Pamba: Srinivasa Reddy’s ambitious attempt to recreate the magic of classic comedy Jamba Lakadi Pamba has backfired big time.

The film turned out to be a damp squib with little comedy to offer. Srinivasa Reddy’s hopes of succeeding as solo hero have crashed yet again.

4) Abhimanyudu: Vishal’s Abhimanyudu is still minting shares at Telugu box office. The film is a solid hit with all parties making decent profits. It is also the biggest hit for Vishal in Telugu states.

5) Incredibles 2: Disney Pixar’s latest animation film Indredibles 2 has been receiving glowing reviews from the critics. It did well across Hyderabad plexes in its opening weekend




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