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Jagan’s Bold Decision 17 Days Liquor Ban!

The latest sensational news which is highly being spread amongst all circles is that YS Jagan's government is planning to impose a ban on liquor in the state during the period of local body elections. While the government itself proposed a phase-wise ban on liquor in its election manifesto earlier, this said-to-be proposal has taken a hot seat.

Mainly, the TDP social media wing is heard to be fast spreading it, though there is no official confirmation from the state government yet, in an intention to compel the government to implement the same.

The exact dates of the ban on liquor are heard to be from 12th to 29th of this month, the period in which the local body elections process takes place. The excise department reportedly welcomed the strict instructions by Jagan to stop giving away the liquor during the election campaign, this new rumored proposal is going to emerge as the best decision, if it happens.

This decision of ban on liquor at least for a period of time will be a revolutionary change and it further throws clarity on how the women across the state react to it. When the liquor ban was implemented years back, it was applauded by women all over but later turned a disaster when the men could not cope with the lack of liquor and when they chose to suffice their alcohol thirst with cheap spirits. That led to the loss of many lives then.

If Jagan's government implements a short term ban on liquor, his commitment towards keeping the promises will be projected and we have to see how it favors him in present elections and even further. Needless to say, how the liquor availability affects families and women like hazards in earnings, health and many other factors, the earnings of the state is minuscule when compared to lives lost due to liquor availability.




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