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Jagan’s BIG BAD Decision Is Irking YCP Fans Big Time !

Andhra Pradeesh Government is facing troubles from the Courts. Actually, the speed breaks for YS. Jagan Mohan Reddy Government from the court is very common from the very beginning days. 

There are two phases for Jagan's YSRCP and once being in the opposition in the past and now holding the power at present seems no difference for them because everytime Jagan has issues while facing the court. It all started from Jagan's unaccountable assets which were founded out by CBI way back 10 years ago and still Y.S Jagan continues to attend CBI courts for interrogations or Q&A.

Being a Chief Minister of the state is something weird to attend CBI courts, but well many of our political leaders of the nation are much found with cases and courts for holding illegal assets just Jagan is one among them. Even though somehow Jagan has brilliantly managed to come into power and now he is the Chief minister of the state Andhra Pradeesh but the flaws in governance are very clear  to everyone. But issuing a proper G.O is also a task for Jagan's government.

Actually considering experts advice and taking effective decisions will lead to the preparation of a proper G.O but just going ahead blindly to do something quickly will bring down the name and fame for Jaganand his government. 

Recently the English medium G.O issued by Jagan's government was rejected by the court on a fast note. Because there is no optional language provided for the students and in spite of many advising Jagan to put telugu as an optional language but the chief minister Jagan didn't look into the advice made by many and just went ahead with a gut and got struck at the court. Now this issue has become a spine chilling movement on YSRCP by TDP. 


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