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Jagan Padayatra Is Same As Walk At KBR Park

One of the close aides of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and the former Home Minister Mysura Reddy has stunned one and all with his statement on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Mysura Reddy ruled out shaking hands with Jagan and stated that he won't mull option to join YCP even if Jagan Reddy offers him the CM post.

"Joining YCP is out of question. I don't want his (Jagan's) companionship, even if I'm offered Gold or anything. Even if Jagan himself comes to me and say he doesn't want to be CM and offers me the CM post as well, I will not join his party. I don't want any friendship or relationship with Jagan," said Mysura Reddy in a candid interview to a news channel.

Even when the anchor stressed that Jagan's party leaders are hinting at the change of his attitude, Mysura Reddy stuck to his strong opinion against son of YSR. "I'm very clear. I don't want to associate with him or his party. A few leaders have come to me and tried to raise the topic of Jagan seeking my support, I didn't even let them finish what they were saying. I cut them off. I told him I don't want to even consider Jagan's party."

While Mysura Reddy is staying away from both the TDP and YCP, referring to Pawan Kalyan's Janasena Mysura said the triangular fight in 2019 would be a different ball game unlike in 2014.

Jagan's Padayatra Is Same as Walk at KBR Park

Calling spade a spade, Mysura Reddy drew comparisons between Jagan's Padayatra with the daily walking members at the KBR Park. He said that even regular people are walking 10 kms per day, Mysura said Jagan's padayatra is no different. "Jagan may be walking a few more kilometres and shaking hands with some. He is not doing anything different. Just walking and shaking hands with people won't make him understand the problems of people. That's not the way for inclusion."

The senior politician from Rayalaseema also took pot shots at the luxuries used by Jagan during the Yatra. "Earlier, the Padayatras used to hold significance as they used to stay at the available accommodation with limited resources. Today as you see, everything involved in Padayatra is luxury," said Mysura.

Mysura said Jagan is believing that the Padayatra alone would get him the CM post. He said both Chandrababu and Jagan are trying their best to impress people for 2019 and Mysura denied to comment on who has the more prospects to conquer 2019 poll battle




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