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Jagan Going Towards Historical Disaster Or Best Usage Of Opportunity ?

Andhra Pradesh is the one among the most suffering states in the country. Actually well before the lockdown itself AP was in a deep financial crisis and also was surrounded with many other problems as well.

Even, from the day one there were many problems for AP that are needed to be resolved, everyone was serious about the very first general election in Andhra Pradesh and that resulted in Chandra Babu Naidu one among the senior most politician in the country to be the chief minister of AP. Many wished that the state is in the right hands now.

But nothing fell in place in his governance then the power went into the hands of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy. And his ruling also doesn't seem to be very much impressive. Likewise the three capital decision is still in pending and yet to be  diversified. Even the G.O that has been passed for insisting only english education in schools was also fired by the supreme court. And also there are many cases that are pertaining to Jagan and his assets that are still pending. 

As of now nothing is going in favour of Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even the sudden attack of coronavirus is creating a huge problem for the government to control it. As the state and country is in complete lock down there is no financial transaction so the business ratio has gone to zero. 

Accordingly, the economic stage of AP state is so bad that even the government is unable to pay the salaries of government employees completely. Definitely this is a challenge for any CM to bring things into normal. Thereby an inexperienced CM like Y.S Jagan who is leading towards historical disasters as the chief minister is something that seems to be so hard to handle the government and administration in this typical conditions. But if Jagan manages to do it so, then he will remain as the most critical and admired chief ministers in the history of Indian politics. 




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