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Jagan Declares Conflict On TDP Corruption

Cornering the leaders of previous government by bringing up their atrocities and frauds under the scanner, has become an unofficial norm for ruling governments these days.

Jagan's government has accelerated the speed in digging out the scams and money rackets from the TDP government's rule time. The CM Jagan ordered a Special Investigation Team to look keenly into corruption details in the report submitted by the Cabinet sub-committee.

As per the Sub-Committee reports, it has reviewed Major policies, Projects, Programmes, Institutions established and key Administrative actions since the Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh State impacting the development of the state.

IAS Kolli Raghuram Reddy will lead the team of ten for this Special Investigation. As the SIT will go to many extents given its powers to unearth the corruption, the main TDP leaders who know they will be on the target list are heard to be much worried.

The Sub committee's first report highlighted the various procedural, legal and financial irregularities and fraudulent transactions concerned with various projects, including the land issues in the CRDA. The SIT formed now will enquire, register, investigate and conclude the investigation. SIT is given powers to call any person or officer in connection with the enquiry and investigation, to record the statement.

Also, the income tax raids on Ex CM's Ex PA turned sensation for alleged Rs 2000 Crore money racket, though the tax officials have seized some money and jewelry worth lakhs.

Frankly, though there is nothing wrong with investigating the scams done in the past, the TDP leaders are more worried as this pursuit by the YSRC government has been allegedly subjective in many recent cases.




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