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Jagan Cancelled CRDA

The Jaganmohan Reddy government formally cancelled the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA). It got the CRDA Cancellation Bill passed in the Assembly. But now, the government is getting ready to take the same CRDA Act as the basis for distributing 1251 acres of Amaravati pooled lands to poor families. Does this mean that Jagan Circar is still honouring the CRDA Act? Naturally, doubts will arise whether CM Jagan has a definite logical plan on Amaravati Capital. On the one hand, he is cancelling CRDA Act to shift Executive Capital. At the same time, he is using Sec 53(d) in CRDA Act to give house sites out of pooled lands. Legal experts say that the YCP government will get stuck in serious litigation’s if it goes on using CRDA Act to suit its convenience. Already, hundreds of farmers have filed cases in High Court against the government’s Capital shifting in violation of CRDA Act.

Political analysts say that Jagan Reddy Circar appears to have no logical plan on how to get CRDA Act cancelled following due legislative procedures. Already, the government has stopped crores worth of construction works inva Amaravati and physically crushed the CRDA Organization. Only, the final legislative formality is remaining. At this stage, the house sites issue added greater confusion




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