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It’s My Personal Issue I Don’t Want To Talk About My Personal Issues And Make Them Public

Ever since actress Sri Reddy made sensational revelations about her alleged affair with Abhiram Daggubati a couple of months ago, a lot has been said and written about. However, Suresh Babu has been maintaining stoic silence over the entire issue till date.

But finally, Suresh Babu broke his silence on the issue in an interview with a popular Telugu news channel. "It's my personal issue. I don't want to talk about my personal issues and make them public. I will sort them out in my personal space," said Suresh Babu.

The senior producer further said that he is not a public person and that he doesn't let his family come into the public glare. "Not only me, but every family has some issues on a daily basis. Since I'm in the limelight, some of my issues come into public consumption," he said. Suresh Babu sternly said that he will not share his problems with everyone. "I will discuss my problems with only those who will bring solutions to them," he said. 

Talking about the ongoing casting couch debate, the Chicago prostitution racket and the drug scandal that have rocked Tollywood, Suresh Babu said that these issues are not only part of Tollywood but they have been existing everywhere in the society for centuries. He felt that the film industry is made a soft target in such vulnerable issues




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