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Is Sanjay Dutt Has Slept With Over 308 Women Excluding Prostitutes

The hype was low when it was announced that the biopic of Sanjay Dutt will go on floors. But after seeing Ranbir Kapoor's look, everyone started thinking that Ranbir is looking exactly like Sanjay Dutt. After the teaser and trailer release of Sanju, the expectations on the movie went up to sky high.

In the trailer, the dialogue where Ranbir(in Sanjay Dutt's role) accepts that he remembers sleeping with 308 girls and make the number 350 for safety became a sensation. In fact, everyone from Bollywood has so much respect for Sanjay. Despite being a star and having a huge fan following, Salman Khan still considered Sanjay Dutt as a senior one and respect him. Apparently, the craze of Sanjay among the females was also high and the actor used to have a huge female fan basis as well.

Dia Mirza (playing Manyatha Dutt role in the film) who was surprised to get to know about the dialogue immediately went to director Raj Kumar Hirani to find if the 350 girls dialogue is true or not. She stated that the audience can find the truth in the movie. Amidst high expectations, the movie will hit the screens on June 29th




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