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Is Bigboss2 Making Contestants Depressed

The concept of "Big Boss" is all about alienation from the family, electronic gadgets and performing the tasks set by the master. And that clicked across the world and in India as well. Coming to Telugu Big Boss now, we are seeing the second season and here is an interesting thing.

Actually, participants will be checked for their psychological strength and ability as well before actually they are picked for Big Boss show. But here in #BigBoss2, the likes of Nutan Naidu and new entrant Nandini Rai are looking like those disappointing jacks who feel sad for everything.

Other day with second jail term imminent, Nutan Naidu went depressed for the most of time. Then Nandini Rai is also seen saying that she's getting little depressed and feeling lonely inside the house. But with these disappointing jacks, even the co-contestants and audiences are also slipping into that dull mode. 

Some say that these two are really depressed and might get sent out of the house soon, while few felt that they are acting like as if they are depressed. Let's see what happens in the coming days. 




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