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Is A Love Story Arising In Bigboss 2

Apparently, Telugu audiences haven't seen some serious love stories happening inside Big Boss house, though that's not new to Hindi audiences. But in #BigBoss2, it looks like some sort of love is brewing between an actress and actor.

Seems like actress Tejaswi is turning too possessive about Samrat many times. She's trying to showcase her love for him all the time and when she said that 'she can't see anyone touching Samrat or Samrat touching anyone' during a task other day, the audience was in for a surprise. Later she added that she can't see both Samrat and Tanish fighting with others. 

Earlier when Samrat scolded Tejaswi for a joke, she cried and clarified that she's ready to take anyone's senseless criticism but not something from him. Looking at all these things one feels like Tejaswi is head over heels for Samrat and maybe we could interpret this as love too. 

In the reality, Tejaswi is single but Samrat is said to be having issues with his wife and heading for a divorce. We have to see what happens. 




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