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Inspired From Drishyam, Man Kills Wife

A shocking murder case of a man and his girlfriend killing former's wife has shaken Kerala and the state's police claimed that the case has been solved and took the accused into the custody. It is strange to learn that Malayalam crime thriller – 'Drishyam' and Tamil romantic hit '96' – have inspired the accused to make a murder plot. Premkumar and hi girlfriend, Sunitha Devi, reportedly grabbed hints from Drishyam movie to cover up all evidences.

Premkumar works at the front office of a hotel in Kochi and Sunitha Devi is a nursing superintendent. The couple were arrested in Premkumar's wife Vidya's murder case on September 21. After cops interrogated accused separately, both of them took names of these two movies and said that the plan made them think to easily escape with the murder. Coming into the details, 46-year-old Premkumar met his school crush during an alumni meeting of the school last year. Both of them are married already. Ironically, both of them imagined themselves as Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha like in 96 movie.

Some days later, Premkumar's wife learnt of his affair with Sunitha and had a quarrel with husband. Hence, the duo hatched a conspiracy to kill Vidya. Premkumar took his wife to Thiruvananthapuram in the guise of Ayurveda treatment and hired a villa. Sunitha also went to the place and stayed in a villa nearby. On September 21, Prem forced Vidya to drink alcohol and later strangled her to death with the help of Sunitha. They took the dead body in their car and drove 100 km to Valliyur in Tamil Nadu and dumped it in the outskirts after one day.

Police said soon after returning to Kerala, Premkumar filed a complaint on Sept 23 that his wife has gone missing. Cops traced Vidya's phone which showed the location at Bihar. Premkumar dumped the phone in a train to mislead investigators. Finally, two days back he made a WhatsApp call to the police owning up the crime. Later police arrested both from a hotel in Ernakulam. The ACP confirmed that the accused said two hit movies, Drishyam' (Malayalam) and '96' (Tamil) inspired them to commit the murder.




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