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Indian Media False Described The Act Of PM

Surprisingly some politicians live like 'examples' and they have every move of them tread in the path of humanity, good deeds and leadership skills. While we have bigwigs who are always accompanied by a gang of assistants, here goes Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, who won praises of the internet now.

Other day when Mark Rutte entered the doors of Parliament, he has accidentally slipped his coffee and it spilt on the floor. Instead of asking someone to wipe the floor immediately, the PM took the mop into his hand and did the job. This is not just a news, but the video clip of the same is doing rounds on the internet. 

People from various countries and popular politicians from many European countries praised Mark Rutte for his act. Also, everyone just got surprised how he got lessons in cleaning and adjusting the length of mop such that he could clean the floor perfectly next time he spills a coffee again. 

While the whole world is praising Mark Rutte for earning honour that way, it's sad that Indian media houses described this as a media-friendly and camera-aware act of the Prime Minister. Okay, on that note, how many Indian politicians might have done that even for a camera? 





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