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India Becoming ‘ Impatient ‘ – Modi Loosing Control Over Country ?

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus in the country, The government of India is under complete pressure. As because the number of positive cases in the country are increasing on a fast note. 

Thereby, the Modi government is very carefully taking all the necessary decisions that can eradicate the wide spread of coronavirus in the country. Accordingly, the whole nation is under lockdown from the past 40 days and still the lockdown is continuing and even the situations in some parts of the country are turning even worse. 

Every state government is working in co – ordination with the central government in finding the Corona positive cases and also to treat them effectively. But the financial status of the country is gradually decreasing and the patience in the people of the country are getting exhausted this might lead to the psychological imbalances even this could create a panic situation in the society. 


Also, after lifting up the lockdown the Modi Government has many challenges to face. As the post lockdown consequences will be like instability in the economy, Fluctuations in the prices, Lack of proper job opportunities. Dull market in every industry or field 

which will create many problems for micro based enterprises. And huge losses for macro based industries. These all conflicts in the Indian market are difficult to settle down very soon. Thereby, Modi and his government have to be more conscious in making decisions. Every decision they take is key during this period and if anything more negative happens in the Indian society, that will lead to the negativity on the modi's government all over the country. 


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