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In Court, Convicts Mother Begged Nirbhayas Mother To Forgive

The final verdict on 2012 gang-rape of a medical student, Nirbhaya case, was announced and the convicts shall be hanged until death on the 22nd day of this month at 7 am. Nirbhaya's mother expressed that the execution of the four convicts would empower the women of the country. 'January 22 will be a big day for us. My daughter has got justice', she said.

Reportedly, the courtroom turned hysterical, moments before the judge announced the verdict. Mother of one of the convicts (Mukesh Singh) walked to Nirbhaya's mother and pleaded her to forgive her son by holding her saree in a gesture of begging for his life.

She reportedly said "Mere bete ko Maaf kar do, Main uski Zindagi ki bheekh maangti hoon", to which Nirbhaya's mother too replied in teary eyes that she had a daughter and how could she forget what happened to her and she has been waiting for this justice for seven long years.

All the four convicts Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, and Akshay Kumar Singh reportedly broke into tears hearing the judgment and they have 14 days to explore their final legal options, and they are most likely to be hanged on January 22. They were isolated in separate cells and allowed to meet one family member and only once.

Among the six convicted, one Ram Singh killed himself in his cell and the juvenile was released after three years in a reform center.




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