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Im Not Even Able To Pay Power Bills Now- D Suresh Babu

Senior producer Daggubati Suresh Babu is known as one of the most shrewd and sharp filmmakers in Tollywood. However, he now seems to be feeling the heat due to various factors that are adversely impacting the film exhibition business.

In a latest interview with noted journalist TS Sudhir, Suresh Babu said that for the first time he is worried about his theater business. "People are not coming to theaters as they are opting for Netflix and Amazon to watch all the latest movies. They are only watching the big spectacles like Sye Raa and Saaho in theaters. The situation is so worse that I am unable to pay even power bills, forget about staff salaries for my theaters," Suresh Babu said.

The veteran producer went on to say that there used to be nearly 3,000 cinema halls until a decade ago, but the number has come down to 1,700 now. "The ongoing economic slowdown, the Netflix and Amazon and lack of quality movies are the main reasons for the sad state of affairs at the moment. We have come down to single digit percentages now," he said.

Well, Suresh Babu's words cannot be taken lightly by the industry folks. Even filmmakers need to pull up their sleeves and come up with more exciting movies which will attract audiences back to the theaters. Also, the window for Amazon and Netflix premieres of latest movies should be more than 2 months at the least to save cinema.




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