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Iconic Show ‘Ramayana’ To Re-Telecast In DD’s

It's been 38 years since Ramayana was aired on the Door Darshan. It was a rage and created a communication revolution in the country. Crores of Indians remained glued to their TV sets and lakhs bought TVs just to watch Ramayana. Dipika, who played Sita and Aravind Sharma, who played Ravana, have become BJP MPs. Arun Govil, who played Rama, was a household name. Dara Singh played Hanuman in the film. Now, the Ramayana is back on the DD to enable the people spend their time during the times of Lockdown.

Quite significantly, even after 38 years, the Ramayana magic is still alive. Ramayana trended both on social media and on Twitter and thousands of Twitterati shared pics of their images while watching Ramanaya were shared. Several have tweeted their thanks to the DD for airing Ramayana. "Thanks Modi, Thanks DD" went viral on the first day of Ramayana.

This 78 episode serial has shown that it still retains the same magic. "There were several homes where the people offered Harathi and performed poojas before the serial started. It has also helped in building a movement in favour of the Ayodhya issue," recalled an oldtimer.




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