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I Will Not Let Him Write The Script Of My Life Says Poonam

Indirectly hinting that she's talking about the wizard of words, heroine Poonam Kaur is lately tweeting a lot about him from her 'unverified' twitter account. And then, when someone interprets more about the fiasco even without writing her name, she's busy giving a clarification.

Apparently, a website mentioned that 'this heroine actually tried to get close to a star hero and the director has prevented that from happening. And in no time, the actress came back on the article and blasted the website, the director for his Agnyaathavasam and for giving chance to an NRI heroine.

Poonam tweeted, "Hey …. hello … I know ur paid by the director media head to write everything he wants to express…. I never went asking for anything to this evil man …. u guys need to shut up n stop putting women down to glorify such evil asshol** … guru my foot" (sic). 

She further added: "I will not let him write him script of my life … let him lick some ministers n actors foot …. he has written very great article about me spread it in a community before hearing my interview … I held on to my dignity … stop encouraging Harvey Weinsteins n their whoever … U fans need to know he the main reason for some ones agnyathavaasam …. don't even try this with me mr.director …. suck onto your NRIs who give u great jobs n have zero talent.." (sic). 

By the above tweets, one could read that, maybe the role played by that NRI heroine was supposedly Poonam's, but later she might have got replaced. It looks like she's expressing her anguish for the same through this twitter attack. 

Of course, these days doing some veiled attacks became a new talent for Telugu celebs starting with Sri Reddy and gang. Let's see what more Poonam will say!




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