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I Have The Best Milk And Ghee In Town

That Daggubati Suresh Babu is a shrewd producer is a well known fact. Now, this senior producer, distributor and exhibitor has turned a successful farmer and an owner of a farm he fondly calls 'Happy Cows'.

Apparently, Suresh Babu suffered from bad health last year due to chemicals in vegetables and fruits and other edibles. That's when Suresh Babu had decided to start his own farm and grow organic vegetables on the land he owns on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He even purchased 30 cows and named the farm Happy Cows.

Talking to an English daily, Suresh Babu revealed that he needs his cows only organic food and our water and in turn his cattle gives him the best milk and ghee. Suresh Babu funnily revealed that he wanted to sell the milk for Rs 150 per litre, but his family laughed at him saying that no one will buy it.

Suresh Babu, although tried in the past and failed, wants to make his studio an eco-friendly place. He wants to inspire people around him to implement these significant changes and make their lives better




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