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I Have Lost My Remuneration Package Says Shankar

We are talking about comedian Shakalaka Shankar who has now pinned hopes on becoming a hero in Tollywood with the film "Shambo Shankara". Other day this films released amidst hype but amassed only a flop talk.

Many felt that Shankar left his true talent of 'comedy' aside and tried to project himself as mass masala hero, which made the movie quite uninteresting. But anyway, there is a rumour that he amassed hefty money by duping a new producer with his false promises that it will collect 10+ crores at the box office. What's the truth? 

Even during the pre-release event, Shankar revealed that he marketed the idea that the film will easily make 10 crores at the box office and the producers will end up in profits if they invest 2 crores. In the first place how much money he made through this project? "Actually I'm getting paid around 30-40K per day for doing those comedy roles. But for this film, I've worked for more than 50 days and took an average of Rs 13,000 / day. If I must say, I have lost my pay pack" said Shankar. 

Well, it looks like Shankar is good 'maths lecturer' but the fact is that his zeal to project himself as a hero might have hit him hard. Otherwise, with that much clarity, how come he keeps comedy aside and tries a hand at a super-hero kind of role? Hope the result is teaching him science and social already, as he knows maths anyway. 




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