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I am religious and spiritual

Each year, Ram Charan is spotted in the traditional black uniform during his 45-day Ayyappa Swamy deeksha. In his latest interaction with a popular English daily, the Mega Powerstar said that the Ayyappa Deeksha that he undertakes every year is inspired by his father.

“I am religious and spiritual. I have been doing it (Ayyappa deeksha) for the past 10 years. It’s just like a detox holiday. The Deeksha is 45 days of pure living, which is good for me. As an actor, I am exposed to a lot of stress, unhealthy food, uncertain itineraries, and chaotic schedules. This Deeksha gives me the inner strength to cope with difficulties,” said Charan.

Charan is currently working on his 12th project under Boyapati Sreenu’s direction. The shooting is underway at a studio in Hyderabad




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