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Hyderabad Stays Last In Hiring Rate In India

According to the leading online job portal Naukri.com, the job growth in India reportedly rose by 21% for the month of April compared to the same month in 2017. It is significantly a good jump, but the major concern lies in two major cities of South India – Hyderabad and Chennai. Hyderabad, capital of Telangana state, bagged the last spot with a measly 13% jump in jobs growth and Tamil Nadu state capital Chennai also stood last with (almost same) 13% rise -which clearly signifies the poor hiring in IT space.

With an impressive 38% jump, West Bengal capital Kolkata reported highest hiring rate for the month of April while Indian financial capital Mumbai and New Delhi reported just 14% and 15% hiring growth respectively.

The report says that the progress of our nation is highly determined by non-IT sectors including telecom, automobile, real-estate and engineering. The leading industry, with 31% hiring, is auto sector and construction/engineering reported 21% growth. Other leading sectors with impressive growth rate are telecom (25%), FMCG (21%), BPO (18%) and pharma (18%).

The online portal, in its report, further mentioned that skills in emerging technologies like data science, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning are largely in demand among employers in Hyderabad. An HR professional from Hyderabad city revealed that skill-mismatch is a major cause for the slowdown in overall hiring activity.




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