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Hyd New Year Parties- Singles Not Allowed

With New Year's Eve celebrations ahead, the Rachakonda police have made rules stricter and stronger. The city, which is usually filled with NY parties were told that no DJs this time and only permissions with stipulated conditions would be granted on a case-to-case basis. The new rules and regulations advisory has been issued to all event organisers on New Year's Eve.

The advisory has also put a ban on the entry of single male and female partygoers and given permission to only couples. The sound of loudspeakers, which has become a nuisance nowadays,  is also not supposed to exceed 45 decibels, stated the police advisory.

Talking about drunk driving, New Year in and around will have inevitably a huge number of such cases registered. So, cops have told that those found drinking and driving on December 31 night (above 30mg per 100ml of blood) will face a penalty of Rs 10,000 or six months imprisonment or both.

Also, the driving license will be suspended for three months. All the drunk driving registered vehicle will soon be seized and the next day, the owner of the vehicle has to provide a Magistrate along with the charge sheet at the police station. Also, one should keep speed limits in mind as Rachakonda Police have decided to punish severely.

The most commonly done as a part of New Year's Eve celebrations, Hookah, drugs and Rave parties has also been put a check. The Rachakonda police pointed out in their advisory that all star hotels and resorts that encourage the use of hookah, smoking, drugs and rave parties,  have been ordered that strictly no drugs and obscenity. Also, other permitted programmes should be organised only between 8 pm to 1 am.

The next big thing mentioned in the advisory is to restrict posters or hoardings promoting the event without police permission, while no activities such as gambling and betting that fall under the Gaming Act 1974 are to be organised. To much surprise, the new rule will have all flyovers close from 11 pm to 5 am. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) will also be shut for the general public between 11 pm to 5 am and only bonafide passengers will be allowed.




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